Is Scooty the solution?

I was seriously considering to block SMSs on my phone(Now I know it’s not possible on my network :@ ) but had to change my idea as one out of many spam looking SMSs clogged me from this for at least coming two months.

If we are to travel more than 15 KM a day during peak hours on busy roads and given choices of Motor Bike and Public Transport, the choice would generally be motor bike, for the reason it being fast, economical, comfy and convenient. But if you are female with narrow resources to buy a separate car then the only option for you is the public transport which is slow, uncomfortable and expensive.

This thought came in my mind when my sister got admission in a well reputed university but didn’t connect because of it being too far and unavailability of conveyance. I found the solution of this when I received an SMS regarding motor scooties, yes motor scooties (the one on which Amir Khan takes his friend’s father to hospital in 3 Idiots. lol)

That SMS did pay me off but one issue, a major issue of acceptability is still current which is solvable if few out of many brave girls can take collective or individual initiative and make it real to be trendsetters. Acceptability would be there if it solves problem of masses.

I got 3 more SMSs in my inbox let me see :p