Is Scooty the solution?

I was seriously considering to block SMSs on my phone(Now I know it’s not possible on my network :@ ) but had to change my idea as one out of many spam looking SMSs clogged me from this for at least coming two months.

If we are to travel more than 15 KM a day during peak hours on busy roads and given choices of Motor Bike and Public Transport, the choice would generally be motor bike, for the reason it being fast, economical, comfy and convenient. But if you are female with narrow resources to buy a separate car then the only option for you is the public transport which is slow, uncomfortable and expensive.

This thought came in my mind when my sister got admission in a well reputed university but didn’t connect because of it being too far and unavailability of conveyance. I found the solution of this when I received an SMS regarding motor scooties, yes motor scooties (the one on which Amir Khan takes his friend’s father to hospital in 3 Idiots. lol)

That SMS did pay me off but one issue, a major issue of acceptability is still current which is solvable if few out of many brave girls can take collective or individual initiative and make it real to be trendsetters. Acceptability would be there if it solves problem of masses.

I got 3 more SMSs in my inbox let me see :p


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21 responses to “Is Scooty the solution?

  1. Usama

    need to think over it before i speak ..

  2. Adil Shoukat

    its a gud point to ponder ..
    girls shud take initiative for this .. coz they really need something like “Bike” ..

    also scooty really suits girls 🙂

  3. Arfan Baig

    So, you started thinking out of the box. Nice Idea!

    But, you know women are not good drivers (i m pretty sure you agree) how can they be good on the road when they are on scooties. Other than that what about those who wear burqas…hmmm they’ll find hard to ride that scootie…

    • thanks for appreciation Arfan, yes this is a very good point that women are not good driver but in my opinion it is such a thing which is solvable if we do a bit of planning and dont panic 🙂

      For burqa wearing girls, other options are still open and secondly, they can always use a helmet :p

  4. Salman Mustansar

    Asad well said, but you know after that trend adoption, we should ready to expect more accidents, traffic violations etc etc etc and Of course Scooters will follow scooty(s) :-).

    • yes salman bhai, its a fact that women are good not good drivers but we can’t ban fast vehicles because they can cause accidents, I hope you get my point.

      lol @ scooters behind scooties 😀

  5. misba

    girls have so many problems in transport only GIRLS CAN UNDERSTAND OR THEIR BROTHERS (THEY HAD DUTY OF SISTERS).

  6. I believe thats a wonderful idea but people who are conservative like me will accept such change in a decade or so after introduction of such vehicles on the road. Yes. in deed, that would be difficult to be the first girl on road.

  7. mohsin malik

    Well my friend in Pakistan this is not possible. It is not socially accepted here, but I see no bad thing about it, instead of 100 bikes following this cute Scooty. Once i saw two girls riding a bike, but the bad thing was every one was chasing them. I mean we should support them. Ahh we illiterate people can never think for the betterment of our society.

    • yes its not socially accepted but we have slowly accepted almost everything imposed on us. You can switch on TV and compare it with TV of 80s. You ll find the difference. Isn’t it good to accept a thing which is positive?

  8. Syed Waqar Abbas

    I appreciate the idea although it seems too difficult for implementation.

  9. Usman

    I would rather negate this idea because its simply not applicable in an Islamic State where women are obliged to wear Hijab and cover themselves. Furthermore considering the open environment while riding scooty and the constant moral decline of our society I would rather say its not a type of vehicle which a women should be using of for the purpose of transportation.

  10. Miriam

    lol.. good one

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